Clearview Window Operator Assembly, Left Hand for Airstream and Other Vintage Trailers - 410L

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Reproduction Hehr Clearview Window Operator, Left Hand

For Reproduction Hehr Clearview Window Operator, Right Hand 410R

Features a fixed metal disk/button measuring 9/16" on the end of each arm rather than the plastic disk/button on the original Hehr part that cracked requiring replacement of the entire operator. The disk/button slides in the track on the side of the front frame of the window.

Improved modifications to the original Hehr operator have been made to this reproduced part for easier operation and installation. With Airstreams, it is the side of the window the operator is mounted to when standing inside the trailer looking out to determine which operator is needed, left or right.

*NOTE: Not for use with Airstreams manufactured from 1961 to 1965.