Airstream AD54ABS-LF 5/32" Blind Rivet - 330038

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Airstream AD54ABS-LF 5/32" Blind Rivet - 330038 is used when installing Airstream .035 X 65.75 Aluminum Coil Underbelly, By The Square Foot - 115684

All Airstream rivet codes begin with AD to signify they are Aluminum (A) and Dimple (D).

The two numerical digits 54 identify the shell diameter (5 = 5/32") 

Finally, the last three letters ABS identify the material used in the shell (the cylindrical part of the rivet that's inserted into the hole) and the stem (the mandrel that is pulled out to collapse the rivet). The B in this code tells us it's a blind rivet, and the A tells us the shell is aluminum, and the S tells us the mandrel is made of steel.