Airstream Gasket Kit for Dometic Air Conditioners - 203722

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Air Conditioner Installation Kit; Use With Dometic 14 Inch x 14 Inch Vent Openings; Gasket Kit

Airstream air conditioner drain pan is replaced with this Drain Cup Kit and Gasket. 

Drain cups sold separately 203724 

Can also be purchased as a set. Use part number 69-3278.

This kit is recommended for use with most air conditioners when choosing to drain condensation to a 1/2" ID drain tube.

Many Airstreams have a drain tube in their walls for this application. If you are restoring a riveted trailer and intend to use an air conditioner, we highly recommend installing the in-wall drain tube.

Allowing an air conditioner to drain onto the roof will water streaks on your trailer. On an aluminum vintage trailer, the discoloration is unsightly and the deposits can be difficult to remove with polishing.